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The Benefits Of Taking Protein Shakes During Weight Loss And After An Intense Workout

November 22 2012 , Written by Rich Dunton Published on #protein shakes, #slendertone reviews

Protein is the major nutrient in the diet which builds ones muscles. It is also the only nutrient which repairs worn out muscles after a workout. Apart from that, protein is very important for a person who is still growing his or her bones; this applies mostly to the young and unborn. In this case taking protein shakes is one of the best ways of restoring the protein nutrient that has been lost during moments and seasons of weight loss together with after intense workouts. Here, we shall look at the major importance and benefits of taking these protein shakes available in the present market. They come in different interesting flavors and one can never get tired of taking them. They also come in different sizes and each one of them has its own ingredients which are important for our bodies in one way or the other. In weight loss programs, protein helps in reduction of body fats. This is because they are taken in conjunction with resistance exercise hence helping you to reduce the fats more appropriately than just engaging in exercise alone.

Second, for persons using the slendertone belts used to strengthen the belly muscles require protein shakes to improve the muscle strength. Slendertone reviews reflect to us that a person who consumes the shakes especially after using the belt stands a better chance of gaining stronger muscles than one who uses the belt only. Apart from strengthening your muscles, slendertone reviews show that for those people who invested in the shakes while building their six pack muscles were able to improve their muscle growth by 50% within a very short time. Shakes also help the body to repair the worn out tissues and heal wounds that may be in the body. Consistent consumption leads to a healthy weight loss program and one remains stronger than ever as they continue in their day to day activities.

Taking Protein Shakes During Weight Loss

Taking Protein Shakes During Weight Loss

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Introducing My Very First Blog

October 25 2012 , Written by Rich Dunton Published on #fitness, #training, #exercise

Introducing My Very First Blog

Hello guys I'm called Ted and I presently live in Kent, in the UK. I adore anything related with outdoor activity and physical fitness and have always been an energetic individual since I was a young boy.

My curiosity and passion for sport also swayed my studies. I chose that a profession in sport and health is going to be tremendously satisfying and a really worth while area of interest to study at University or college.

The key part of my job will be the feeling of satisfaction I get, realizing that I've influenced someone to transform their own everyday life for the better by becoming more physically active as well as living a nutritious life style.


  • Premier Diploma in Personal Training

  • Premier Certificate in Advanced Personal Training

  • Premier Certificate in Nutrition for Weight Management

  • Premier Certificate in Gym Instruction

  • Active IQ Fitness Trainer

  • Active IQ Gym Instructor

  • UKA Leader in Running Fitness

  • FIE Spinning (GIC) Instructor

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